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PostSubject: »SEDGWICK ACADEMY — BASIC INFORMATION   Wed Aug 25 2010, 12:34


Welcome to Sedgwick Academy Of Arts, located in the in the City of Sedgwick. Well known for its beautiful location and architecture, Sedgwick is one of the largest schools in the U.S and yet it stays humble with its population of less than 1500 students. With such a small student body, it’s quite obvious that the bar is raised quite high and students are scrutinized with a critical eye. There is an acceptance committee, consisting of all the department heads along with the school’s well respected Headmaster.

For years the academy has been known for being free spirited yet strict, as well as teaching the students how to express themselves and carry themselves with elegance and confidence. Another thing that the Sedgwick Academy of Arts teaches is competition.

Sedgwick life can be a bit hectic. Well known for its beautiful landscapes and buildings enormous in size. There are small little shops lined along the beautiful main street and the image of it all is breathtaking and definately gives a sence of independence, making it a real playground of oportunities for the pupil of Sedgwick.

Sedgwick is praised highly for its teaching staff, which is quite the compliment. Students who are part of this Academy are as diversified as the arts that are taught here. Most are wealthy, though some of them come here with a scholarship. It was founded by Marjorie Fitzroy and Fionn Fitzroy. They where both photographers, musicians, poets, novelists, journalists and film directors.They came to the United States in the late 1800's, as immigrants from Saint-Brieuc, Bretagne, France.

Yet be warned, for in this beautiful, city life fun, there are secrets. Secrets about the city, secrets about the history, and above all, secrets about the people. Lies, sex, battles, scandal, contreversy, and a little game of backstabbing and blackmailing. Will you fall prey to a rumor? Will you start one? Or will you plead ignorance? Only one way to find out; join Sedgwick. We look forward to seeing you around.

This is an RPG loosely based on American TV show Gossip girl and British teen drama series Skins, but not being familiar with the shows will not affect your ability to keep up with any story plot because the plots are user generated as long as it's in the RPG's context. This RPG is exclusive because it will be a fixed community. The student body will be hand picked and there will be the same people around every day. It won't be a join on the spot RPG where people come and go and everything is all over the place. Just think of it as a traditional family school. This will prevent unwanted quitting and well but If you went through all the trouble to be admitted, might as well stick around, although quitting is completely up to you. This RPG is also very different from all other RPGs because it contains a fixed time line. There is a clock and a calendar, counting down every event possible, that way we are all on the same page. The seasons will be announced on the forums periodically as well as the weather. This will make the class time and school-related happenings set so you won't be expecting class to happen at 11 at night, as well as other big events that might happen such as prom, or graduation. Students are more then welcome to host their own events in or out of school. Birthday parties, club gatherings, anything goes.
Once the school year ends, the seniors will graduate, and the line will move forward. The seniors are more then welcome to re-apply to be new freshman or to fill in spots of quitter upperclassman, but with a new character. There will be no pupil left back. You may also apply as a teacher. Keep in mind that teachers are also characters and not greater beings that have control over the RPG so if you apply to be a teacher, this will not mean you are a moderator in any way, unless you have been given permission the same way students do. Teachers are also characters. They can be having affair with students as well as being major crackheads. What you make of your story plot is not up to anyone but you.
Keep the RPG realistic, and anything can look realistic if you know how to play it off. Example :
Sonny Summers comes from a long line of witches and wizards. He can see the future. LOLJK he can't, because it's unrealistic.
Sonny Summers comes from a long line of gypsies and palm readers. He holds the gypsy arts very close to him and is a talented palm reader. Sonny is also very superstitious. Sure, sounds convincing enough. Love the character, would like to see him fortune tell.
If any circumstances you witness an unrealistic RP plot, like magic or KILLING, ignore it icly and report it on the forums. It will be taken care of.
Killings must be agreed upon. The killer must have the consent of the character being killed in order to be valid, this makes the amount of lines irrelevant if they don't mind being killed. Same goes for major body deformations or anything close to it.

Please note that having multiple characters is not allowed. You must embrace that character as long as you're in school for. If you decide to drop out and start a new with a new character that's up to you. Dropping out is allowed, but you won't get readmitted with the same character. Since there is a timeline and all students graduate eventually, make the most out of your character whilst you're in the school.
OOC is absolutely, positively not allowed. This RPG encourages you to embrace your character and become what you've created. If you have to go AFK, make an excuse ICly. If you are angry at someone's decision, tell them icly. Please do not go OOC for any reason. If you MUST use OOC, use the console. If something is a secret and you want to tell it to someone else icly without anyone else listening, commute to another room or use the whisper function.There will be no voids, if someone tossed a drink in your face or something, it's done. Voiding is a violation and should be reported if seen. Note that the only room that is OOC is the SMALL HALF OF THE MAIN ROOM. Everything else is IC.
In terms of rooms, you are allowed to donate (or bring to our attention) anything you feel needs to be added. Perhaps you find the stadium too small, or you would like to add a store to the city, post it on the suggestions section. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

This RPG is new. If you feel like you just want to try it out, please stand by the RPG and help it be the best it can. We are trying our best to have a well established and fixed School RPG that won't fail overtime due to lack of activities and uninvolved and unenthusiastic staff. We want to make a great RPG.

Have fun.
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