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Which two of the three should be in staff?
 29% [ 8 ]
 46% [ 13 ]
 25% [ 7 ]
Total Votes : 28


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PostSubject: I NEED YOUR HELP!!   Wed Sep 08 2010, 08:59

So I cannot decide who the final two staff members are going to be, so I decided to make it a vote. Everyone can vote. Staff members' votes count as two. I would also like you to tell me below why you voted for the person you voted for. The link to the candidates' bios is their names, click it and read it to know more about their characters. And... yes, this does mean the applications are now CLOSED.
Here are the bios :

Yokoh - Emily Rose Miller
Character name: I'll be making it later after this post.
Habbo name: Yokoh
Why you should be staff:
I should be a staff because I am very interested in this RPG, and I have been role-playing for about, four years now.
The basic rules and such are very known to me, I would enforce them in a polite manner to everybody in our community.
Adding to my knowing, we have been in a role-play of this sort before, the ''Zeppelin'' one I recall. I have experience with these type of role-plays.

As a staff member, I will not abuse of my privileges. For example, kick people with no valid excuse to do so.
Also, I will help around new members with anything they need. From how to role-play properly to all the way of being able to make their biographies. Anything in my range.

P.S: I have a lot of ideas to give to this growing community (:

Acaster - David 'DJ' Jackson
Character name: David Jackson
Habbo name: Acaster
Why you should be staff: I should be staff because i am familiar with sedgwick and here every day with out a doubt, also i have has previous experiences with being staff at school role plays, and also other role plays, i am a fair type of guy, id give someone 1 chance to redeem them self of wrong. But if failing to i'd have to take action on the matter but i would not take the action on my own, i'd speak with other staff members first to see what they think, and to see if i am correct in taking action, i'd consult yourself as well before anything. I would not abuse my right of being a staff memeber and would not use it to change anything in an in character situation, like i have seen many staff members do in past experiences. Thank you for your time on reading this application, i hope to hear from you soon.

FerretAttack!? - Nathan Manning
Ferrettattack?!Nathan Manning
Habbo Name - FerretAttack
Character Name - Nathan Manning
Why should i be staff?
Well, im loyal, ive been mods in roleplays before, never trashed and never been complained about, i'd like to be a mod because well, seeing people OOC, in IC rooms annoys me, and other things simillar to that, and i don't want the RP ruined by some OOC trolls. You can trust me cos.. well, thats up to you, but yeah,
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PostSubject: Re: I NEED YOUR HELP!!   Sat Sep 11 2010, 21:01

Well i lost >_>.
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