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 Music Producer / Composer.

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PostSubject: Music Producer / Composer.   Fri Sep 10 2010, 23:49

OOC Note : these songs do not exist irl, no one knows them icly. i have taken them, n using them for my own gain icly. these are created by me icly, therefore you have never heard them, so dont go around saying u have. ive just explained whats going on, so u cant say u have, kkkkkk.

Joe "Griminal" Narsty, has been bought a few of his old "grime" genre tracks from the uk to the school, releasing them on a "mixtape" containing many other types of music, such as, dubstep, drum n bass, rap / hip-hip, remixs, n some instrumentals for other people to spit their bars on.

he's trying to start his own record label with anyone who wants to help out, so get in touch.

here are a few of the tracks featured on his mixtape set to b released in the near future, it'll b up for free download whne its completed.

Wu Tang, Dubstep remix.

Dubstep Track.

Grime Track..

Grime / Rap / Hip Hop Instrumental.

If anyone is interested in collaborations, gimme a shout.
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PostSubject: Re: Music Producer / Composer.   Mon Nov 15 2010, 07:54

kso, for my bio I was trying to post the little strip of the thing, so i quoted your and i put my own link in.. WHEN I POSTED IT DIDNT SHOW UP.
whats wrong with it?
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Music Producer / Composer.
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