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 Multiple characters and bios, and where I have been.

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PostSubject: Multiple characters and bios, and where I have been.   Wed Sep 29 2010, 08:58

Hi guys! I've heard a lot of great stuff about Sedgwick and I couldn't be more thrilled. I'm so happy that it's doing well! Than you guys <3

So, I've noticed an increase in people having double characters, as well as updated bios and such. I want to clear up that having multiple characters are not allowed simply because I want you guys to take on one character and one character only and really embrace that character, having multiple characters just confuses everyone in terms of face-claim, story lines, and which character is the one you're using like : "are you charater 1 or character 2?[]". Not good... This might be why you haven't been accepted. This also includes changing face-claims for the same character or changing character names. If by any chance you are going to create a new character and discard of the previous character, go ahead. Keep in mind you should make some kind of announcement reguarding the departure (this means you're starting all over. If you had a job, club leadership, or anything else, you would have to re-apply and re-gain that status. Guys, loool I hate to say this but I would prefer to keep these changes to a minimum, though if you feel you must it is my job to recognize these changes.

Thank you,

x Mia

P.S. Keep in touch and send me messages and stuff. I wanna talk to you guys, I miss everyoneee <3
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Multiple characters and bios, and where I have been.
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