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 Au Revoir.

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PostSubject: Au Revoir.   Sat Nov 20 2010, 14:29

No, I'm not quitting. Recently, my grandmother died and theres shit to do especially with the holidays around the corner, and my VIP being out anyways. So due to so many things going around during this time, I think I'll be taking a break. I understand Sedgwick was at the bridge of closing and needs all the activity possible, and I'll try my best to stay active on the forums icly & oocly, but it's not the right time for me to go back on my usual every-day Habbo schedule. So, until I get a hold of VIP, and finish all my extra personal stuff irl, I won't be going on Habbo at all. You can contact me on Facebook if you'd like, but other than that and the forums, theres no other way. I have some personal messages to some people that need to be given.

Mia: I still need the pass to the Sedgwick rooms if you changed them yet.

Ali: Can't believe you wrote "my favorite drink" statement on my facebook LMFAO. I died.

Edgar&Misty: Calm shit while I'm gone please? =)

Emma: yo.

Sparkles: yo.

Alright. That's it. Anyways, bye for now, and I'll see you guys in a bit! <3

ooh, & icly - Tori hasn't enrolled at Sedgwick yet.

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PostSubject: Re: Au Revoir.   Sun Nov 21 2010, 01:22

I couldnt resist
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Au Revoir.
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