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 xx; HBIC: Olivia Belle. (it went wrong)

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PostSubject: xx; HBIC: Olivia Belle. (it went wrong)   Thu Nov 25 2010, 06:41

Get your facts straight, biatch.

Olivia marie Belle.
Breathy, alluring british accent.
Siblings: Fay &+ Megan.

she's so belle.
I'm on top, biatch. There's a social ladder, and I'm sat prettily on the top rung. And before you think about even attempting to take that position: think wisely. You don't want to know how I got here, and I don't want to tell you. Don't ask questions, don't get shit! Simple enough? Well, you might as well know something about that hot topic everybody's been talking about, hm? That's easy. I have ocean blue eyes, not ice like my sisters. A ski-slope straight nose, that's neat and small. Full, plump lips that are oh-so-kissable and the whitest teeth known to man.. and occasionally woman when I'm tipsy. My hair is silky, and tumbles down my back like a waterfall in perfect curls, unless I straighten it. I'm blonde, and proud. Academically, I'm not the smartest. But I usually get A-grades, thanks to my.. helpers. But hey, when you've got cash might as well use it, right? I've got a perky C-cup bust, which I'm confident enough to flaunt, and long slender legs, helping me to boast my sunkissed tan. I'm a beach babe at heart, despite living in London most of my life. I found time to go down to beaches in Summer, or jet off to Malibu with some girlfriends for some real memories. I've got my ears pierced, and I'm hoping to get my belly button pierced soon. I've got a tattoo on my lower back saying "belle beauty."

HBIC, biatch.
I'd say I was confident, entertaining, smart and flirty. I love to have fun, and if I'm not having it then things seem pointless. Saying that, I also add "hardworking" to my list, so I suppose it does have, although miniscule, a point. Whatever. Okay, I'm a bitch. I've said it, but I won't repeat it. The key is to keep the crowd interested. Be outrageous, lose your inhibitions to a certain extent and just have fun. But the main thing? Own it. I have the swag of champion, and the skills to prove it. I'm attracted to people with a certain.. je nais se quoi. And dealing with drama, I can sure as hell throw a punch as good as the next hard-ass bitch next to me. These hands aren't just for showing off my flawless manicures. How do you think I got this body? I work out for about 3 hours every day. Plus shopping, so don't you dare underestimate me. If you do, then biatch.. It's your loss. (:

Drugs, sex, parties, fashion. I'm a party animal, like my sisters. Any excuse to socialize, and I'm there! I like my spirits, and I've slept with a few too many people.. meaning, I couldn't count them if I tried. I'm not a tart, though. Far from it. In fact, you most likely won't get to touch this sex bomb in a lifetime. Admit it, we both know I'm priceless. I'm an amazing hostess+guest, plus a professional in the bedroom, babe.

that's so ten minutes ago..
I have a pug called Princess Malibu. Malibu for short. I used to be pretty close to my parents, but since they focus most of their attention on Fay, I just demand money from them. I don't give a shit about the rules in general, but I want success. I'm going to be an actress, and nothing will stop me. Like I was saying earlier, I get my fists out regularly. You should care if they're heading right for your face.

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PostSubject: Re: xx; HBIC: Olivia Belle. (it went wrong)   Thu Nov 25 2010, 08:31

head bitch in charge
lol i think not
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xx; HBIC: Olivia Belle. (it went wrong)
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